The Laundry

The INCLEEN - chemical and a technological solution is a chemical and a technological solution The incleen GROUP is the partner of hotels, production and service sites and commercial loundries. By our profession, we support many ogranizations and public utility institutions.

The laundry

provides the laundry services and the lease of hotel assortment and working clothes. We provide approved assortment in cooperation with the sewing facility to hotels and well matched working clothes to production and services sites.

The incleen CLEANING

are cleaning and disinfection products. We have over 300 products in our offer, so we guarantee an excellent solution for your company’s hygiene. Some of which you can find in our Internet shop on We also offer the Health and Safety assortment.

The laundry technologies

include the laundry chemistry and the automatic systems to its dispensing. We provide and install dispensing systems, we can programme your washing machine and help you with your installation rennovation to shorten the time of the services and significantly decrease the exploitation costs.

The demonstration unit

we will show you the unique, but very affective technological, installation and constrution solutions. We will present you safety systems as well as the extremely functional systems of the incleen CONTROL to the laudnry services management

We are the provider of the laundry and the catering industry machines. We will deliver you new machines, our experts will carry out services of your machines or we will design a new laundry or kitchen for you.

The costs saving

We apply the ecological and the ergonomic solutions. Being an experienced expert, we offer approved solutions and often very simple, therefore not demanding the specialist’s service.

Such an attempt allows us to protect the environment and guarantee you more benefits.

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