The chemical agents and the laundering technologies
The laundering technologies

The chemical agents and the laundering technologies

The bigger efficiency, the lower cost

The automatic system of dispensing and laundering the incleen products were designed for the commercial and the in-companies laundries. They vividly remove all dirt from hotels, catering industry and the working clothes assortment.

We guarantee that thanks to us you will shorten your laundering time, we will increase the efficiency and significantly decrease the service costs. This solution is the safest for the fabrics.

The systems of the automatic dispensing and the incleen technology

  • the significant decrease of costs
  • one laundry and one rinsing
  • the laundering cycle even in 30 minutes
  • the proper dispensing of the detergents
  • the chemical disinfection
  • safety of the fabrics

The technology for industrial laundries

We provide the industrial laundries with the products of the highest concentration and the inspensing systems adjusted to them. Our technology allows us to decrease a laundering temperature, shorten a tact and lower a water consumption, keeping a high quality of the laundering, the neutralization and the disinfection.

The demonstration units

The quality of our technologies speaks for itself.

Visit our incleen demonstration unit to see the advantages of our appliances, the installations and the technoloical solutions. We have installed the safety systems informing on the work disturbances. We will show the functionality of the incleen CONTROL programme to manage the laundering service.

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