incleen CLEANING

The cleaning and disinfection

In our opinion, the cleanliness is the most important issue. We help with cleaning, washing and disinfection proposing practicaly approved professional products of the INDUQUIM brand, as well as the working methods.

We offer:

  • the professional chemical cleaning and disinfection products
  • the arrangement of hygiene plans for food processing companies
  • the implementation of the labour system of the cleaning staff
  • the trainings for staff
  • the solutions for the labour systems organizing
  • the audits and the quality inspections
  • the tested machines and the appliances

There are over 300 products of the brand INDUQUIM. It allows us to „strike a balance” for the cleaning or the disinfection in each field of industry. We have ready to use products as well as the concentrates and the systems for its dispensing. We also offer products intended for the general cleaning and the disinfection and dedicated to the particular surface or industry.

Chemical cleaning and disinfection products Labour system of the cleaning staff Disinfection products