Working and safety clothes
The working clothes

The sesrvices for industrial companies

The laundry

We also provide the services within the scope of the working clothes and we regularly collect dirty working clothes from many institutions, the laundering with the disinfection, repairing and delivery of clean assortment to the client. The clothes are laundered by means of the detergents intended for the particular types of the material and dirt.

  • the regular service covenient for the clients
  • removing even very deep dirt
  • the full disinfection of the laundered assortment
  • the personalization of the assortment
  • the tailoring repairs

The working clothes leasing

Out tasks for a low price paid monthly:

  • the adjustment of the working clothes to the labour position conditions
  • the regular delivery of the clothes in the agreed amount
  • the disclosure of the wardrobes
  • the service of the assortment, including: laundering, repairing and tailoring rapairs
  • conducting the records and the personal clothes service statistics

The Health and Safety Regulations - the professional protective personal equipment

  • adjusting and the service of the working and the safety clothes
  • the individual and specialist disinfection
  • a distribution and service of the carpet mats
  • the personal protective equipment
  • the cleaning supplies (the detergents)
  • the recycling
Working and safety clothes The working clothes leasing