Certificate and trainings
Certificates and trainings

Training centre INCLEEN

The professional courses for Your employees.

Who do we train

  • the proper organization of team’s work
  • the efficient utility of machines and appliances
  • reacting to unexpected problems

Instead of learning by your own mistakes, learn from our experience.
Act efficiently at the beginning!

The ELECTROLUX machines and appliances

We are the distributor of the laundering machines and the appliances. By delivering machines we will help you to re-design and expand your installations, we will carry out the service of your machines and will design a new laundry from the scratch.

Avoid mistakes, which could be irreversible at the moment of the launching.

  • purchase of the machines unadjusted to the characteristics of the plant
  • improperly selected installations, way of the heating and the power supply
  • wrongly designed logistics
  • wrongly programmed machines and appliances

Zakład demonstracyjny

Jakość naszych technologii mówi sama za siebie.
Odwiedź zakład demonstracyjny incleen, aby zobaczyć zalety naszych urządzeń, rozwiązań instalacyjnych i technologicznych. Posiadamy zainstalowane systemy bezpieczeństwa powiadamiające o zakłóceniach pracy. Pokażemy funkcjonalność programu incleen CONTROL do zarządzania usługą pralniczą.

Produkty pralnicze Środki chemiczne do pralni